Inside Brixton Capital’s Solana Beach Office

Inside Brixton Capital’s Solana Beach Office

The company’s space is all about finding that work-life balance




When private real estate investment firm Brixton Capital went looking for a new office, they wanted something that would reflect its dynamic, the “hardworking, get-it-done East Coast/New York mentality combined with the laid-back vibe of San Diego,” says CEO Travis King.


The open, airy space where the 6-year-old company landed, directly across from Fletcher Cove, does just that. Ocean views and a one-stop surf shop showcase what San Diego is known for, while standing desks, a full-service gym, and a focus on radical transparency must be paying off, since to date the company has acquired north of $1 billion in commercial real estate. King says it’s “a place where we can be active, and where we can try to blend our personal lives and our work lives.”


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