Brixton Private Network Landing Soon

The Brixton Private Network has been developed in response to the growing need for a for an innovative, invite-only direct investment platform.


It is designed to enable astute investors the opportunity to identify and engage with compelling commercial real estate opportunities with the potential to generate outstanding risk-adjusted returns, without the frustration and added costs of middle men. As a solution to assist the challenge of sourcing good deal flow, the Brixton Private Network provides access to exceptional deals, pre-vetted and thoroughly investigated, from a lens honed by years of success in real estate spanning nearly $10 billion.


We invite investors to consider which deals fit best with their particular portfolio and risk appetite. We are privileged to invest with some of the world’s most prominent and sophisticated investors. Given that our capital requirements often outstrip the supply of compelling opportunities we have elected to keep membership in Brixton Private Network to a select invite only group of individuals that best share our investment philosophy.


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