The Brixton story

The story to date

Given their outstanding track record of successful real estate investing spanning four decades, over 1750 properties representing $14 billon of asset value and virtually zero losses, Marc Brutten and Brutten companies have proven to be among the most adept real estate investors in the country.


Brixton began as the private investment vehicle of the Brutten family office that focused on identifying, buying and operating a variety of real estate assets that offered particularly attractive risk-adjusted returns.  Over time, Brixton’s ability to source and execute on outstanding opportunities led Brixton to allow a small handful of trusted family office peers to invest alongside Brixton in its search for value.

Today, Brixton owns and manages a portfolio of multifamily and retail assets totaling more than $1 billion which each offer an important combination of mitigated downside protection with the opportunity to create additional value through the disciplined execution of each property’s business plan.  Our hands on approach to adding value means that we are involved at every step of the ownership process, from acquisition to leasing to property management.  Typically our approach to adding value does not entail a ‘one-size fits all’ approach but rather is customized for every given asset.

We are driven by our purpose:
Relentlessly pursuing value


We invest our own money in every deal. We are committed and passionate about the properties we choose to purchase. Experience has shown us that if we remain relentless in our approach to uncover value, there is significant embedded value that can be extracted in every property.


A pursuit is much more than simply a search. It communicates dedication and uncompromising commitment. We pursue because it is our passion.


Value is our ultimate goal – it is often elusive but ultimately beautifully tangible. Finding value is our raison d’ etre.

Brixton is built on a single purpose – the relentless pursuit of value. We are unwavering in our commitment to finding opportunities with untapped or hidden potential. This is why we exist, the reason we get up in the morning and what drives us to continually improve what we do and how we do it.